Thomas (Tom) H. Bliss, Jr., MBA

Jr. Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Bliss brings a broad experience in Financial Management, Licensing and Business Development, from the majors, JNJ, Baxter and Amgen, where he spent the first half of his career, to the innovators, where he’s worked for the last decade.

At JNJ, Mr. Bliss worked on the team that prepared all transactions over $10m in value for Executive Committee review. This exposed him to the terms associated with the full range of transactions, from brand-value-driven consumer to patent-IP-drive biopharmaceutical. This led to his running BioPharmaceuticals Business Development at Baxter BioScience (now part of Takeda). There, Mr. Bliss managed 16 discrete licensing transactions, the most productive in Baxter history in so short a period of time. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Bliss brought many of the JNJ and Baxter systems to Amgen, such as rank ordering of targets and candidates, but most of what he contributed to Amgen involved building functional capability that didn’t previously exist. While at Amgen, Mr. Bliss created International Licensing, reorganized M&A and expanded Licensing Operations. He also created, from scratch, a 200-person China-India Research Activities organization to augment R&D capabilities.

Over the last decade, Mr. Bliss has worked in the development-stage arena and participated in a number of molecular and device delivery systems. Mr. Bliss is also fortunate to sit on a couple of Boards, which enhances his industry access and exposure. POP Bio, creator of a unique, activated liposome, is a newly created delivery specialist and Mr, Bliss is delighted to serve as a founding Director on their Board. He is also a Director and functioning as the Chief Financial Officer at TargaZyme, a clinical-stage company which is developing cellular-therapy replacement enzymes that direct 5x more therapeutic cells to the disease site, utilizing the universal transport system of fucose and disease-site-specific ligands. Enzyme-activated cells also access diseased cells in greater amounts and have demonstrated enhanced activity, such as increased “killing machinery” in solid tumor models.

Mr, Bliss came to know TargaZyme while he was managing Genisphere, a reagents company with a history in signal amplification, where he helped convert their DNA-based reagent into a successful drug-delivery system, culminating in a $600m option/licensing transaction with MedImmune.

Mr. Bliss has managed virtually every type of partnering transaction, from in-and-out-licensing transactions to acquisitions, business combinations, carve outs and spin outs. He has also executed CRO, CMO and other vendor contracts. These are the essential events of commercializing research and turning drug candidates into useful medicines. As TargaZyme looks to the commercialization of TZ101 and TZ102, and cultivate a growing portfolio of cellular-therapy businesses, Mr. Bliss will help the team transact for success.